Chemical-physical installations

IDROS is a leader in the field of chemical-physical water treatment plants.

The company has acquired excellent know-how in this sector, enabling it to tackle purification problems in a wide range of industries and treat waste water from various production processes contaminated with heavy metals, cyanides and chromates, surfactants, nitrites, phosphates, oils, photopolymers and organic components with excellent results.


Reduction of operating costs

The design of each plant is accompanied by a specific calculation programme that allows the customer to estimate the specific cost of the purified water at an early stage, with consequent forecasting and optimisation of operating costs.

Thanks to its decades of experience, IDROS can also carry out renovation or recovery work on existing structures that can be integrated into new parts of the plant, with considerable savings for the customer.

Sectors of use of installations

The application sectors for this type of plant are many and range from the production of printed circuit boards and the electronics industry to chromium-plating, galvanising, painting, cataphoresis, mechanical processing and metal surface treatments.

The customised choice of the chemical-physical process, the ad hoc construction characteristics of the plant, the selection of materials and the technical devices applied to the components and the control software ensure excellent purification results for every specific requirement.