Design and construction of reverse osmosis plants

Among the water demineralisation and desalination processes, the reverse osmosis process is one of the most effective and modern and allows the separation of salts and contaminants dissolved in the water.
IDROS has solid experience in the design and construction of this type of plant, which is equipped with semipermeable membranes with high efficiency and a high degree of separation, operating as molecular sieves capable of separating and removing the various physical and organic elements and thus obtaining water with a low salt content and low electrical conductivity.
Using the principle of reverse osmosis, IDROS also specialises in the design and construction of ultrapure water production plants for use in the pharmaceutical, food and electronic sectors.

The operation of reverse osmosis plants offered by IDROS does not generate polluting waste water that requires subsequent purification treatment, thus saving additional disposal costs. IDROS also supplies all the conditioning chemicals used in membrane systems, with formulas that are also suitable for food and pharmaceutical use. The application sectors in which the systems developed by IDROS are used are many and varied and include:

Food, pharmaceutical, electroplating, electronics and cosmetics industry

Painting and cataphoresis

Thermal power stations

Water purification

Cooling systems and evaporative towers

Metal plating