Ion exchange demineralisation plants

Natural water often has to be treated before it can be used in industrial processes. In fact, even if it is free of pollutants, the concentration of mineral salts dissolved in it must be reduced through a process of demineralisation or ionic exchange softening.

In addition to the production of primary water with low conductivity for use in processing, ionic exchange is also used to advantage for the recirculation demineralisation of process water, allowing it to be continuously recovered and thus saving a great deal of water.

The sectors in which ion exchange demineralisation is used are electronics, pharmaceuticals, galvanising, thermal power stations producing steam or superheated water, and painting.

IDROS, a leading company in the water purification sector, is able to develop tailor-made solutions for different customer needs.

Deminarilisers and softeners

Ion exchange demineralisation plants for primary water and recirculation are manufactured in fully automatic single and dual line versions and controlled by programmers and PLCs.  The automatic valve units implement the regeneration of the resins in equicurrent or countercurrent to obtain high quality demineralised water. The plants are always equipped with the necessary resin pre-treatment and protection sections (filtration – adsorption).

Technical assistance

The company does not only deal with the initial supply of these systems but completes its range of services by offering periodic technical assistance: supervision of the complete resin regeneration cycle – calibration of water quality control instruments – repairs – periodic replacement of resins – laboratory analysis of resins in operation.